Our Story

As two families we met in 2017 through our daughters love for sport and becoming friends as they starting a new school term in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Overtime it became apparent that not only our daughters had a host of interests in common, including football, surfing and snowboarding but as parents we too had common interests around travel, adventure and the wanting for building a lifestyle around our passions for the great outdoors.

We are all well aware of what 2020 brought, through the fears and stresses of Coronavirus. We were locked down in our homes, not knowing if we, our friends or family would be affected, of our professional futures and wondering what the world would look like after this monumental global event.

Not being able to physically spend time with our friends and not being able to travel to our favourite places such as the Malvern Hills, Forest of Dean or Woolacombe Beach really made us think about what is truly important in our lives.

As we moved out of lockdown in the UK and with the well-known business start-up mind mapping fuel of beer and BBQ, we traded our stories and thoughts for the future. This is where we realised that a VW campervan was on both our post-Coronavirus to do lists with a view to more travel, more adventure and taking control of our future to live a more adventurous lifestyle through our love for the great outdoors.

We are so lucky in the UK to have such a diverse landscape within a relatively small country. From the beaches and surfing in Cornwall and Devon, to hiking up the Black Mountains and Snowdonia in Wales, all the way North to the snow centres in the Highlands of Scotland. Having not forgotten the Lake District on the way through and maybe coming back down via God's own county, Yorkshire!

With our adopted home town of Cheltenham fused with our #1 favourite adventure sport, surfing, CHELTSEA was born.

However, travelling round with our friends is great and we've already started to build new adventure memories. We want to share this new found love with others and we want others, our #storytellers, to share their adventures and stories with us.

There is nothing more cool and interesting than hearing others speak about their travel and adventures, the good, the bad, and the not so glamorous. Seeing their photos and sharing laughs over a drink as we watch those home made GoPro videos. So please join us, build out these new adventures in to one family and friends adventure and lifestyle community with CHELTSEA.